Samsung PowerBot vr9000 full review

Samsung PowerBot vr9000

Looking out for a smart, intelligent, and hardworking vacuum robot? You should consider settling with the Samsung PowerBot vr9000 – it is a classical robot you’d definitely fall in love with. Samsung as a technology brand is widely known to produce high-quality electrical products. Over the years of its existence as a consumer electronics manufacturer, … Read more

Neato D85 Review: Read full review

Neato D85 Review

For some years now, this particular robotic vacuum from Neato has been most preferred option for buyers. Neato D85 is a very smart robotic vacuum with high-end efficient technologies. Neato Botvac D85 Overview Neato is a name known for quality and durability when it has to deal with robotic vacuums. The company specializes in producing … Read more